Tuesday, April 15, 2014

My favorite iPhone-ography apps!

Hi Friends! Let's talk about iPhone-ography today!

Making images with the trusty ol' iPhone has been growing in popularity since… well, since the iPhone came into existence. And now, it is easier than ever to get some really great quality photos using just your phone. Today, I am dedicating this post to a few of my favorite iPhone photography apps!

1. Instagram, obviously! This is my social media of choice. I prefer it to Facebook, yet I do post most of my images to fb from Insta. It's so much fun to see what everyone is up to based off of the images they share! And it's free, duh!

Here is what my photography group looks like on my phone, Instgram isn't in there because I use it multiple times during the day, so I just have that icon out on it's own!

2. InstaSize is my newest favorite! What I started out using this app for is I wanted to share the images of my sessions that I had fully edited but I didn't want to make square format hence comes in Instasize. It shrinks your regular sized images to fit into squares with boarders to share on Instagram. BUT in the past couple days I discovered you can add fun, glittery borders, really freaking awesome filters & edgy overlays, awesome stickers, and text. You can also collage with it! It's a free app that you can purchase upgrades for. I haven't purchased any upgrades, the ads don't bother me. And most of the overlays & borders are free!

I was definitely not using this app to it's full potential, but I certainly will be now!!

3. PicFrame - this is my favorite app for making collages. They can be square format or you can make them rectangular. It's a pretty cool one. I think this one was a paid app.

4. Studio Design - I use this for making word art on the go. It has some really cool graphics & overlays. And not to mention so really great fonts! But you can also add photos to it and make memes or things like that. It's free and a really cool one!

5. Last & most definitely not least is Flipagram. This one is free too & you can add your pictures to make a quick little instavideo using your own music from your phone or some provided tunes. I use this to make my end of the year videos & you know when you get over excited and take a shit-ton of pictures and don't want to post them all separately use this! And put it to music the best part!
I hope you learned something new about some apps you didn't know existed! Do you use any of these am I missing out on some cool features? Tell my your favorites, especially if there is one I didn't mention! I'd love to hear all about it!
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Monday, April 14, 2014

Carlos - the cat with thumbs & a PSA

Carlos - the cat with thumbs: This cat is so cool, and I hate cats - but I love Carlos. Carlos adopted my friend's family several years ago & he has thumbs. How awesome is that?! I snap chat his thumbs every time I go over there. In addition to having thumbs, Carlos probably weighs like 15 pounds. He's HUGE!

Public Service Announcement: There is a soda it's called Ski. It's orgasmic. And full of caffeine & it is my godsend. It's made in a small town in Southern Illinois. And you NEED to try it. Go HERE & see if you can get it somewhere near you. Like seriously, it's the closest I have ever felt to heaven.  The Kentucky Headhunters even put it in a song.
Dumas Walker by The Kentucky Headhunters on Grooveshark

If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen this image. Our tiny little school celebrated 100 years in 1997, clearly you can see that hahah. But I was at the school/church last night for a youth group Lambert's style dinner. That was a great time! Except I felt really really old because I had to pull one of the few girls working I did know over & ask who the heck everyone was! Some of those kids in the group were 10 years younger than me! I remember always having a great time working that dinner. Anywho, I digress. I saw this picture and did a little joy-dance. We were in kindergarten & we were so darn cute!! So there is Kindergarten Em - the one with clenched folded hands, dressed in all purple, a typical outfit I am told. The girl next to me is still my BFF to this day. And that boy in the blue 100 shirt  - we're still extremely close as well! I clearly suck at iPhone-ography because I can't center things.
But seriously how cute are we all in our little socks & tennis shoes?!

I hope you all had a great weekend! Have you ever seen a cat with thumbs or had a ski? Have a great week my loves!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Friday Fives!! #8

It's Friday!! yay! The weekend is here! Any big plans? My mom & I are going to get pedi's today for her birthday & then the whole fam damily is going for supper. And tomorrow I have a vendor fair and THREE prom sessions whew. And Sunday I'm learning lighting for hair photography. Big weekend.

Ready for 5 things on this Friday?

1. I went Junkin yesterday & found a desk! YAY! Ignore the really freaking awesome dollhouse barn. I didn't buy that. I bought the farm table it is sitting on! How cool is that, y'all!

2. I'm going to combine all the other studio stuff into one:
    We (Daddy) got all the nasty tile scraped up, I picked up after him. Isn't that machine fancy?
    They let me use a hammer - I only got to rip nails out, but hey it's a start
     I got my glass door & interior doors
     I finalized my paint colors - Just FYI Sherwin Williams is having a 40% off paint sale today until         monday. Go get you some paint.


3. I played with a new off camera flash technique during my senior shoot this past weekend. LOVE! 

4. On Wednesday morning I posted that I needed 3 more likes to 500 on my business FB page & within 16 minutes I have 501 likes. By the end of the day I had 549! Shameless plug, go like it, please!! :) 

5. This song makes me smile so much - love George Strait :)
I Got a Car by George Strait on Grooveshark

What are your weekend plans? Relaxing, busy? lemme know!
#backthatazzup with Whitney!

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Gone Junkin

It's Friday Eve! And I'm goin' junkin!! Which is about my favorite hobby/activity ever! I LOVE JUNK! I've also had lots of caffeine because I got up early so I could get all my work done before 10 when the junk shops open. And now I'm done with work, writing up this quickie & will be on my way! Today on my adventure I am looking for

a) a birthday present for my momma.
b) an old farm table to use as my desk.
c) or an old solid wood door to attach legs to - to use as my desk. 
d) old windows, you know the kind that have the small little panes with wood in-between the glass? like from a farm house - I plan on attaching hooks to the wood and hanging it on the wall in my dressing room as a place to hang clothes. Can you picture what I mean?

If you do a Google and type in 'farm table' you will see what I'm talking about and you will instantly be in love with them & want one for yourself. They are so cool! And I think finding just the right one to repurpose & refinish would look so awesome in my office at the studio!

Do you guys like junkin or have you ever been? If you haven't I suggest you throw on your boots &  hat and get at it! Have a great Thursday & I'll see you tomorrow for Friday Fives!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

These are my confessions

Make sure you sing that in your best usher voice.  

Happy Huuummmpp Day! I'm going to link up with Kat over at Vodka & Soda today! Which, btw, is one of my favorite things to drank. With a lime, of course! Anywho, she is hilarious, go check her out!

Let's jump in!

1. So remember my Lenten Sacrifices post? I talked about going to church more and spending less. Well the going to church has been good. The spending. Not so much. I haven't bought thaaaat much, but I mean I bought a few new shirts & props & wine & margaritas. oops. Clearly I'm distraught.

2. I have been drinking way too much coffee lately. Everyone knows I'm addicted, but I seriously think it's getting to be a problem. But I don't care. 

3. I'm also addicted to my job. I want to work all of the time. I also like to use my job as an excuse to not date. Oh you want to go out on Friday? Sorry, I have to work all day Saturday & need my rest. Calls best friends, wanna go out for margaritas? Because that's a good way to rest up for a long day…. 

4. Dating sucks & I hate it.

5. I don't know how to let people guys be nice to me. Not that I prefer to be treated like shit. I don't put up with that nonsense. I'm just used to guys sucking, so when one is nice to me - I'm all "he wants something. People just aren't thaaat nice!" Walls up, active bitch face on, heavy cynicism & sarcasm released. 

6.  I'm having trouble getting back on the gym bandwagon after my week off. I should have found a Y or something to work out while I was at my unconference. Every time I workout I just want to lay on the floor in the fetal position and say NO! I also have the feeling of puke every time. TMI? probably. but we're confessing here. 

7. I had one more, but while looking for an image for #6, I forgot. Welcome to my life.

What are your confessions?! tell me tell me tell me!! I hope you are all having a great week, I'm so happy to be back to my regularly scheduled life of blogging, photographing, & editing! And other things that don't involve staying up until 3 am!

OH! I remember what 7 was going to be!!! So…
8. Last night was the first night in 6 weeks that I slept ALL THE WAY through the night!!! YAY!!!

see above meme for the way my mind works.

Peace & cookies, y'all

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

I'm baaaack!!

Hello Bloglandia! I've missed you!


To be fair I knew I would be busy the early part of last week. However, I had no clue how busy the rest of the week would be. With sessions & family things & the general thing called life!

I had so much fun at After Dark and learned so freaking much!! It was a great experience. learning from 11am - 3am for 3 days was great! Tiring, but so freaking awesome!  I arrived home last Thursday around noon or so, I had some lunch and promptly started work on a new program for my studio!! A Senior Rep Model program! YAY! I already have my first model books.. So I started it around 1 and finished it by 8 that night. Super excited to see what this program brings to my studio!
Brittany is absolutely gorgeous!
Learning how Ben Wong - Von Wong - epic shoots! 
Friday I post-processed some images from AD & had an interview at the local grocery. Yay for a job opportunity, boo for an ill-timed job opportunity. I applied like 2 months ago when shit was slow and just got a call back and now photography is picking WAAYY up & I don't know what to do! My goal is 3 photo sessions per week & I'm hitting that for the next 4 weeks, for sure! This doesn't include all the post processing time & the viewing sessions & the ordering. Whew. I know I need to make a decision like now, but it's hard to know. Ya, know? Because my session goal for when I open my studio is 5 a week! - which technically means 10 - 2 per client - one photo one viewing {read sales $$} And I think KNOW I can do it! 

Some images from my sessions this weekend & my adorable cousin who was in his school's coronation!
Ski - Clinton County Crack 
Clownin around! 

Work Work!
AND we don't have a certain date yet, but my dad thinks I'll move into the studio by the end of MAY!!! AHHH!!!  30 second dance party with me, y'all!!
New door! 
And then there was Opening Day yesterday. Which was surprisingly fun. Cold & rainy, yet fun - we had covered seats! And now I'm back to being excited about baseball! And I cannot wait to go back & party in Ballpark Village!! It was freaking awesome from what I saw. It was also packed. We went in an exit, oops. Not sorry though. No one was guarding it so we just kinda sidled in! Yepp, those people 
What's up freaking awesome seats! I wanna sit here forevers
What have you all been up to? I hope you're having/continue to have a great week! I seriously feel like a brand new girl after the past week. It's great to be back!

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