Thursday, January 29, 2015

I did something - it involves leather

HELLO! As I'm writing this, it's a gloomy Thursday morning here in the Midwest. I'm sitting in my office with a diet coke and The Gilmore Girls so it's not so gloomy in here. I have finally caught up with my holiday rush. I have everything designed ordered and, for the most part put together. Only waiting on my last print order to come in. It's strange feeling knowing that I have everything done.

AS A PAT ON the back for finishing up my first** holiday season & not killing anyone during the process I made a little purchase on Monday. I'm going to a conference this coming weekend & I needed a bag that I could fit my iPad, planner, & notebook in as well as all of the other things I carry around on a normal basis.

Without further ado, I introduce you to my new child:
The yet to be named (she will be named) Michael Kors Jet Set Multi-Function Tote
I got quite the bargain on it. It was 25% off and then the sign team failed to take the weekend sale signs down so I got an additional 20% off. SCORE!

All of my things fit nicely inside. And I really like the zipper pocket too!

A little close up action of my iPad & planner for you. These guys are basically my life. The planner more so than the iPad. She definitely makes things easier when emailing and things on the go. But the planner; if it's not in the planner it's not happening. I'm pathetic, but if I don't write it down, I don't remember

Just a few of the contents. Yes, I keep a tape measure in my purse.

If you have a name for her that strikes our fancy lemme know! I was planning on seeing how she preformed this weekend before I gave her an official name.

I hope you all are having a great week!!


The say money can't buy happiness, but it bought this bag & boy oh boy does it make me happy.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

true life: I'm obsessed with murder shows

OH WEDNESDAY we meet again.

AS I SIT HERE EATING a banana Greek yogurt with dark chocolate & almonds** listening to Serial I realize something. I am obsessed with real life murder cases. #murderobsessed 

OKAY, SO I didn't just realize this. I've known for a while. But the obsession has magnified as of late.

IN FACT, DATELINE is one of my favorite shows. So much of a favorite that I have a favorite reporter. It's Keith Morrison, by the way. And I won't turn it off if Keith Morrison isn't reporting but I definitely get a little upset about it. #ihaveacrushonkeithmorrisonandiamnotashamed #whitehairdontcare #checkoutthatquaffedhair

ANYWHOO, SERIAL. I'm on the bandwagon & you should be too. Unless, as per usual, I'm the last one here on said wagon. #alwaysthelasttoknow #theoppositeofhipster It's a podcast, a reporter chronicles witnesses and evidence about a murder in 1999 trying to figure out if the convicted man is really innocent. It's so good! And addicting. I don't want to stop the listening.

MY OBSESSION IS not limited to real life cases like on Dateline or Serial. I really enjoy Criminal Minds and Law & Order SVU (I know they're not usually dead.) #shouldhavebeenadetective

THOUGH I HAVEN'T delved into 2020, I think I would enjoy that show too. #mydvrisalreadyoverflowing

**if you like bananas and you like greek yogurt & you believe that dark chocolate is an underrated chocolate, try this. Now. Go to your nearest supplier of groceries & buy them all. You're very welcome in advance ;)

WHAT DO YOU have to confess this week? I hope you're having a fantastic week!

Making Melissa

#Hashtaghumpday @ Life with Lolo

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Wednesday: we confess, we hashtag.

Hey y'all! Happy Humpday. Today I'm joining a couple of parties. Humpday Confessions hosted by the wonderful Melissa. And #hashtaghumpday hosted by Laura & Lauren. Join me as I confess my weekly transgressions.

Making Melissa

#Hashtaghumpday @ Life with Lolo

BEATING AROUND THE BUSH is a huge pet peeve of mine. If you want something, flat out ask. I cannot read your mind. And chances are if you don't come right out and ask me, it's #notgonnahappen.

ANOTHER PET PEEVE, while yes it kind of goes with the territory, is; are you going to X event? Yeah, I'll probably be there. Oh! great! Were you planning on bringing your camera? Do you mean the 50 pound suitcase with several thousands of dollars worth of equipment I carry around all day at work? No, I thought I'd leave that at home since it's my day off. **INSERT ACTIVE BITCH FACE HERE** Now, there are few occasions were an ecstatic (seriously) yes! would be interjected. But for the most part, I wouldn't ask anyone to bring their case files or whatever you do for a living to my aunt's 4th cousin's grandpa's ferret's birthday party to discuss the merger of company's, please show me the same courtesy. #thanksaton

IF I HAVE TO TELL you the same thing more than 3 or 4 times chances are I'm coming up with a way to murder you & hide your body in my head. This number has gone up to 3 or 4 from once since I started my business, yay for growing patience. But seriously, LISTEN. #patienceisavirtuebutnotoneipossess

I JUST BLEW MY nose with a paper towel that was sitting next to me on my bed. Turns out it was the paper towel I had my salami snack on & now my face smells like meat. This whole paragraph reads wildly inappropriate. #salamijokesaredirty

I TOOK A NAP after the gym & my shower today because leg day. I set an alarm for 8:30. I got up at 9:10. I'm officially 33 minutes late for work as I type this, but I think I'll stay late & I'm the boss & I own the place so I can do things like this. Plus I don't have any meetings or sessions today so I feel as terrible about it. #6amgymtime #sleepygirl**

Have a fantastic rest of the week! Confess something, it feels damn good.
**late edit add on, because it's still early & wednesday ;)

Monday, January 19, 2015

studio tour!

Hiiya! Happy Monday, everyone!

This here is my 100th post. Before my little hiatus I had big plans for my 100th post. I don't remember what they were, so clearly it was super special.

I think a very fitting way to celebrate my 100th post is to share with you the place that has taken up all my time the past few months.

This is my #2 scratch off of my 30 before 30. A long time dream to be photographer & a business owner!! Keep reading to see some images of my studio!

So you might see some 'tours' where the place is absolutely pristine. Fair warning: my studio is clean, but clearly worked in. I didn't have time to straighten things and make everything look perfect. You're seeing what it looks like on the day to day. It works for me & when you're the only one working in a space it can have the type of flow that works for you!

This is what you see as you walk in my doors: Samples of products & work.

Down the hall to the left is my office. Don't judge my desk. It's been busy lately! I refurbished an old farm table to use as my desk.

Futon - Walmart
Chair - Gordman's
Dressing table & round end table - yard sale rescues
Tall stand & matching coffee table - Rescues from my parent's basement (I think from Walmart once upon a time)
Check blanket - Target
Yellow blanket - gift (Which I believe was purchased right under my nose at Tuesday Morning)
Live Laugh Love pillow & super awesome peace sign - The Rack
Yellow chevron pillow & sweet 60s style pillow - flea market find

Across the hall is my bathroom, kitchen, & changing room.

The changing room is serving as a catch all currently because we still have a few electronic things that have yet to be hooked up, so that's where there are being stored!

Sink, Vanity, & toilet - Lowes
Faucet - Amazon
Sink light fixture - custom made by my dad & me
Mirror & owl - Hobby Lobby (before I decided I dislike their business model & the way they do things, why waste perfectly good decor though)
Washboard - antique
Step stool - Rescue from my parent's house
Exhaust fixture - Menards
Paper towel dispenser - Staples

Counter top(s all of them in the building) - Swanstone
Kuerig - Kohls
K-Cup drawer - gift
Drying mat - Bed, Bath, & Beyond

On down the hall to my camera room. Two 6x6 windows for a ton of amazing natural light. Reflectors to mirror from the other side. Tons of chairs, props, & backdrops. A baby puck, a strobe & soft box & my packaging area.

The bathroom tile is from Lowes. The laminate is from a local business, I'm not sure on the brand name, but it is by far the most commented on aspect of the whole space (excluding my work ;))

Maybe not the most in-depth tour in the history of tours but this is my space & I love it! Most of my chairs & props are yard sale finds. But feel free to ask if I didn't mention where something was from!! 

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great week!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

welcome, Mr. Tatum.

Making Melissa

I HEARD A BAD RUMOR that humpday confessions were no more. As it turns out like 75% of all rumors**, this particular one was true. While it's sad that Kathy has discontinued her blog & along with it the salacious humpday confessions, I think we'll all be very happy together along with Mr. Tatum over at  our new home - Making Melissa. 

FIRST I MUST confess that I have no idea when Kathy discontinued her blog or the linkup & for that I kind of feel like shit. I've been a bad blogger nonexistent, almost not a blogger at all. I haven't even done anything on my studio blog since mid-August.

IN FACT THE last time I blogged here (save my mini splash back yesterday) was for a little mid-week confess sesh in August. That was like 4.5 months ago, incase you didn't feel like math-ing today. 

SURPRISINGLY ENOUGH, or maybe not so, not a whole lot has changed with me except maybe my caffeine intake. I'll give you one guess which way that went. Here's quick hint: it didn't decrease. I drink more monsters & coffee than any human should. 

I'M WRITING THIS as I wait for my lunch to cook. I eat more boxes of zucchini crisps in a week than anything else. They're so freaking good. With a little sour cream. NOMS. 

I'M BINGING Gilmore Girl's currently while I work. Sometimes it gets so lonely there by myself. 
I'M ALSO PROCRASTINATING editing lots of images & designing things. Blahh.

I'M EATING Butterfinger Bites & they are remarkably unsatisfying. They sounded so good, I drove to the gas station solely to buy them. And even though I feel this way, I continue to eat them. 

I DELETED DISQUS because it was kind of a pain in the ass. What I didn't anticipate was the even bigger pain in the ass it would be to get my comments back to the Blogger format. So now, I'm just missing comments. I think I can deal. Even though I really liked reading all of the nice things everyone posted. 

Hope your having a fantastic week! MWAH

**this statistic is completely fabricated. 

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

the prodigal blogger returns

Hiii!! Did ya miss me? I missed you! And I'm super happy you stopped by today.

As it turns out opening & operating a business is hard freaking work. Not that I really expected anything less. I knew it was going to be hard & that I would probably fall of the face of the planet for a while. But I never thought I would be gone this long. If I left you feeling deprived of snarky witticisms and generally incomprehensible coffee fueled babble I can point you to the direction of others who felt the same deprivation. You all can commiserate. 

From September to December I fervently edited, designed, & finished products. Don't get me wrong here, I loved every minute of it. I just had NO idea I would be SO consistently busy my first few months.
And I am proud to say that the last quarter was not only
A) my first quarter in a brick & mortar location (okay, fine. you got me, it's a polo-building)
but also,
B) my most successful quarter yet. Even with things like large utility bills - such a dirty word - and major purchases involved in having a studio.

So a few things I want to hit on here & will elaborate the next few days. Yes, I will be posting more consistently! YAY!

I have crossed  something else off my 30 before 30 list. - Open the doors to my own studio. This post, complete with pictures, will be coming to you by the end of the week. I need to tidy the place some. But if you follow me on the gram you'll have seen some peeks at my little space.

Here are a few sneaks if you've missed the instaposts

I have started more seriously toward the steps of buying a home. (Goal 24) I have set goals & guidelines about when & how much I add to my savings account. Also in the financial realm I have taken steps to setting up a fund for when I decide I don't want to work anymore. Some people call this retiring, I think. I mean it's not going to be for years, but being self employed you have to have that kind of stuff in line & figured out. 

It's been a long few months, but if you've stuck it out with me - checking back periodically, I thank you. 

Check out my kind of gloat-y & semi-scattered post about how I booked my very first wedding!

Now I must get back to packaging. Stay tuned for a studio tour this week!

cheers -

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